O.T. Reilly's "Battlefield Guide" Published?

In 1894, a few months before the Connecticut soldiers returned to Antietam to dedicate their monuments, O.T. Reilly put this in the Antietam Valley Record. I have been wanting, for a few years, to see what I can learn about this "Guide." On reading this over, I believe that the photographs were not put into this guide. O.T. did publish a photo-filled guide book in 1906, but I have never seen the guide he speaks of here. My guess is that the photographs he is talking about were taken by J.H. Wagoner. I posted one of them a few days ago, and will try to match other mentioned with photographs in my collection throughout the spring. He wrote a lot about the Connecticut soldiers and their monuments, so I will be posting as much as I can about that.


The following item appeared in a recent issue of the Tolland County Leader, of Rockville, Conn:

O.T. Reilly of Sharpsburg, Md., has lately had some photographs made of the 10 acre field at Antietam owned by the Sixteenth Conn. regt., also of the Reformed church, showing the front Memorial windowwhich was presented to the society by the regiment. He also has pictures of Burnside bridge and the two other bridges above. The Dunker church, National cemetery, Bloody Lane, Roulette's farm, McClellan's headquarters, Poffenberger's house and barn, Reno monument and other scenes of interest to soldiers and citizens. Mr. Reilly also deals in relics. A "Battlefield Guide" is a convenient and interesting work, as it gives a review of the Maryland campaign from September 1st to the 20th, 1862, and, of course, includes South Mountain battle. Any one expecting to take in the October excursion of the 8th, 11th, 14th, and 16th regiments will find in the "Guide" and these pictures much to assist them in sight seeing on that memorable bloody field.