The "Fourth" Bridge over Antietam Creek

I acquired this stereoview just this last weekend. It was in an antique shop but was originally part of that Chambersburg auction last year that resulted in that hoard I bought off of eBay in December. The seller held back four train stereoviews, all with trains. Very exciting stuff.

This is one of two of Long Bridge just west of Keedysville. It was built in 1867 by the the B&O as part of a spur from Hagerstown to Keedysville. Many of the Antietam battle veterans took this route to the battlefield. It was the longest wooden trestle east of the Mississippi. It was torn down around 1967 and all that is left is the pillars.

I tried to get a Then and Now this past saturday, but it turns out that the remnants are on private land. Nonetheless, after much snooping and door knocking I have managed to wrangle an invitation to see the bridge on the next warm weekend. I will keep you posted.

On a side note, the title is written on the back in O.T. Reilly'ds hand, but someone has tried to erase it and has written the same text in their own hand. This was a naughty thing to do.