Western Maryland Railroad in Pennsylvania?

One of the best things about studying the history of this area is that you meet some of the greatest and most interesting people. Licensced Gettysburg Battlefield Guide and premiere Gettysburg rare image collector is one such person. About a week ago, Sue responded to some Western Maryland images I posted by posting a few of her own images. 

As usual, her images are stunners. This one was taken by Levi Mumper, known mostly for his early images of Gettysburg battlefield. He also came down to Antietam and took some early images, one of which made it into my book Rare Images of Antietam

The captions on the back of her two images led me to believe that they were taken just outside a tunnel on the Western Maryland Railroad line. So I began my research by discovering that there were seven tunnels on that line, and the only one that was built early enough to be in the image was the only one in Pennsylvania, and it was on the spur leading from Maryland to the town of Gettysburg. Better still, it sits smartly on top of Jacks Mountain, a main feature in the Battle of Monterey Pass. Bingo!...perhaps.

Last weekend I tromped up there and found the tunnel. Those pictures are to come, but first I wanted to show the closest I came to finding a spot that is a match for the image. In the modern photo on the top, the mountain is a decent match. In the modern photo on the bottom, the track bend is close. Nonetheless, I don't think I found the spot. But I did have a blast hiking though the tunnel, but that story is for another day.

Thanks, Sue!