I Found Em' and Now We're Off!

Once I decided to get back into Virtaul Antietam, I had to find all of the source files that I had created about a decade ago. I spent the bulk of 2002-2006 creating 128 panoramas of Antietam Battlefield. The bad news is that the hard drive that the final images resided on crashed and burned a few months ago. So I have been looking for the backup images since then, but decided to comb through my house in ernest over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Long story short, after coming to the conclusion this morning that I could only find 44 of the original 128 completed panoramas, this afternoon I found a disc that had a reduced size version of every complete image! So, now I can move foward with interpreting the battle, instead of going backwards into panorama stitching.

I have a lovely three-year-old son who is the center of my life, so I have no desire to give my life over to a project like I had to with Virtual Gettysburg. But, that said, I have a creative urge to interpret Antietam in a way that has never been done, and as a web developer at a great shop like High Rock, I want to keep my skill sets deep, broad, and sharp as a tack. With all that in mind, I don't have a moment to waste. That is why it is life-changing to find my finished panoramas.

And I just realized that the disc also has hi-res thumbnails of each pano. It's like Christmas.