Virtual Antietam Panoramas

Look here.

The first thing I did when I arrived in Western Maryland from California in 2002 was to begin working on the panoramas for Virtual Antietam. I took over two hundred and then spent about three years polishing about 128 of them. Unfortunately, the hard drive on which they resided died about two months ago. I am having someone look at it, but in the mean time I have found my original backup discs.

The good news is that the brushed picts are there. The bad news is that they are each on a single CD-ROM. Also, they are all 200+ before I numbered them and trimmed them down to 128. Anyway, that is a simple production process and I have a fresh disc drive ingesting them one at a time. Finding the time to copy them all should take about a week, and then renumbering them another week.

In early December I will be looking around for the new cool way to turn panoramic images into web-viewable interactive panoramas. This is really the fun part for me, figuring out how to stretch the current technology to interpret the photographs.

In the mean time you are free to enjoy the five or so panoramas that I put up on the site about a year ago. This is McClellan's Headquarters. It is a nice view, but those dern folks at Save Historic Antietam Foundation have been working as hard a beavers to knock down the trees that block the view of Antietam battlefield from here, so I may have to re-take this to take advantage of their efforts.

Also, during the Center For Civil War Photography's conference last year, I took one looking out the roof of the Pry House. I have not stitched a pano in a while, but that might be worth revisiting that part of the process.