Time to get Virtual Antietam back on track

About three years ago I decided that if I were ever to finish Virtual Antietam, it would have to be an entirely different technological engine than Virtual Gettysburg, which took me five years to program. Realizing that I would never get it done in time for the 150th, I opted to write a book, Rare Images of Antietam. I picked up my first copies of my book on the way to speak at Antietam for the 150th anniversary. I had cut it close, but I made it. 

Well, I feel it is finally time to get back to work on Virtual Antietam. I am not sure what final form it will take, but I do know it will be a fine mix of Drupal, PHP, Symfony, Angular JS, CSS3, SASS, HTML5, GPS, oh, and lots of cool photographs.

I took the first step this week and reworked the site so that it is responsive, which basically means it should look pretty good on your phone or iPad. I am using a photo of one of my relics today because over the last year I started digitizing my collection onto this site. Most of it is hidden, but my intent is to integrate it into Virtual Antietam. 

So, this is going to be a work in progress, but I am excited to see where this ride takes me, and us...!?