Finally found this cut!

I have been looking for this railroad cut all winter. I followed the Western Maryland Railroad route east starting in Smithsburg. First I thought it might be in Chewsville. The only original standing WMRR station is there and there is a cut just east of it. I actually went there in the dark one night and it scared me to death. Then I went through Smithsburg, past Edgemont Orchards (where Jeb Stuart's batteries were in the Battle of Smithsburg) and even past Edgemont Station (which is no longer there. There are some cuts there and I thought it might be them. Then I went up past Pen Mar and around the bend toward Fort Ritchie (where Henry and I went to the Pignic last weekend). There were huge cuts there and I though I had found them. But none of theses cuts really fit the bill. So I gave up on the cut for a while and started to focus on Mechanicstown Bridge over Owens Creek. I knew I had some photos of the bridge, even a Tipton with a train rolling over it. So I went there yesterday, made it up on the trestle and lo and behold, just beyond the bridge on the east side there was a huge cut with shear walls. It was my spot! So, instead of posting Then and Now views of the bridge I decided to post the cut today. Then and Nows to follow. Something else exciting happened up there, but I can't post about it. Ask me over lunch some time.


Ted Alexander reminds me that I also thought for a moment that it might be Angle's Cut in Hagerstown. It looks like it, but that is not on the WMRR. It is on the Cumberland Valley, formerly Franklin, Railroad.