Bridge over Owens Creek looking East

There are two bridges that cross Owens Creek very close to each other. One is Tall, the other Short. The Short Bridge is straight across and the Tall Bridge curves to the right as you are going east, which is why I believe that this view is the Tall Bridge looking east. The only problem is that the two views of the bridge that I posted earlier are, I believe, from the other end of this same bridge. Those views both have a big pole in the foreground of the view, which would be the background of this view. But that pole is not in this view.

Anyway, I hope to get out to the site in the next week or two. There are enough features in the image to get things straight. I am speaking at the Smithsburg Historical Society in a few weeks and hope to have some of this sorted out by then. I am anxious to show these views as no one I have spoken to, even the local railroad historians, have seen these images. I can't wait to hear their feedback. I am sure they will have lots of interesting info to add.