Another view of the Owens Creek Bridge

In preparation for my talk later this month at the Smithsburg Historical Society, I have been delving into my old Western Maryland Railroad stereoviews. My talk is about Rare Images of Antietam, but there is enough of a tie, and there will be enough interest that I want to bring them out. Curiously, even the folks at the Western Maryland Railroad Museum, an amazingly well-researched facility in Union Bridge, have never seen any of the 1870-80 stereoviews of the WMRR! So i want to show them off and hear what they have to tell me about them.

To that end I got out this Chase view of the Mechanicstown Bridge, the same view that Recher took. The hard part about this one, though, is dating it. It is on the same mount that Chase used for the Bloody lane view I have in my book that I dated 1866-67. But the line to Sabillasville was not completed until 1871, so, while this is a Chase, the photo was not taken by David Bachrach, who took many (if not all) of his early Antietam images between 1866-7.

Maybe one of my new train buddies can date that engine for me. Interestingly, you can even see the engineer.