Where is Mechanicstown Bridge?

Ever since I deduced that the flurry of rare images taken at Antietam that started in 1877 was due to photographers buying cameras to take pictures of tourists brought to Pen Mar by the Western Maryland Railroad, I have been walking the tracks over South Mountain trying to find where Recher took his WMR images. Most interesting is a large bridge over Owens Creek, just west of Thurmont. I have driven under it, my second time being today, but have not made it up on the tracks yet to take a modern image.

Today, when I was choosing an image to toss on this post I noticed that a few said Mechanicstown Bridge. Could this be a different bridge? I did some research and discovered that during the Civil War, Thurmont was often called Mechanicstown by officers in their reports. Now, back in the day I read a lot of Gettysburg books, but do not remember it being referred to as anything other than Thurmont. The little town is spoken of a lot during Meade's advance to Gettysburg, but truth be told, slogging though the same story of his advance at the beginning of every single Gettysburg book is something that I came to consider tedious, so I could have easily missed the reference, my eyes glossing over...

So, has anyone heard Thurmont being called Mechanicstown?