What is next?

The shipping company showed up a few days ago and dropped a ton and a half (literally) of books on my driveway. Sales have been brisk and the response has been positive. I am getting it into stores, working on an eBook version, ad booking more speaking engagements and book signings. But what project to do next?

My first thought was that after I finished my book I would get a day or two to take a nap. That's not going to happen. The reality is that I want to get to work on another book. I have a design I like and a printer I like. I also have hundreds of rare Antietam photos that very few people have seen. So, a volume two would seem to be the logical choice.

But I also have the rights to publish an unpublished manuscript of a surgeon who served a year on a hospital transport with Grant's army in the Overland Campaign. It reads like Forrest Gump meets Huck Finn. But it would have to be out by 2014 to take advantage of the 150th Anniversary. I'd also like to finish Virtual Antietam, which is going to take major programming time. There are also a few other irons I have in the fire that I can't talk about. So, what to do!?