150th Anniversary

I sure do lead a blessed life. Here I am with my good friend Tom Clemens as we show off our new books, both of which made it to the Antietam bookshelves in time for the 150th Anniversary. I spoke on Friday and Tom speaks this morning at 10am.

I know how much work it was to get my book here on time, so I can't even imagine how much effort Tom put in, as his is a scholarly tome of about 600 pages. I believe he spent the better part of the last twenty years culling through thousands of letter just so we can all study the Battle of Antietam without having to put in a similar effort. Thanks Tom!

In addition to release dates, our books share some images from Ezra Carman's photo collection, scans of which we secured after a long drive across Pennsylvania in the snow. Ah, good times.

Well, I have to get dressed and head back to Sharpsburg for some more book signing. See you there!?