Let the Games Begin

I moved to Western Maryland about ten years ago in anticipation of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. Well, it's here and I am very excited.

First, let me say that I am very impressed with how the community has stepped up with great events and accompanying ephemera. Stephen Bockmiller made a great map of Civil War Hagerstown and gave a wonderful tour of Rose Hill Cemetery a few months back in which I learned about a memorial podium to Reno Post #4, G.A.R. The reason I mention him, though, is that he was the brainchild of the exhibit at Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. Last night I went to one of the lectures in their series associated with the exhibit. It was Edie Wallace presenting “The Dignity of Free Men: The Story of Tolson’s Chapel.” I really learned a lot. But almost as fun was seeing a bunch of my friends who are doing events tied to the 150th.

This event was the kickoff of a couple of crazy weeks for me. This morning at 10am the new museum at Antietam is having an opening. I was invited to attend because the new museum includes a case of my Antietam reunion ephemera. Right after that I jump in my car to drive to Kenosha for a talk Saturday morning. Then its right back to Maryland for a run of two weeks with at least one event a day.

Also exciting is that so many new books are coming out. This week I expect t pick up Tom Clemens' new volume of the Carman manuscript, which is probably the one I am looking forward to the most. I hope to talk about that and others as the weeks progress, but right now I have to pack.

BTW, the above photo is my son Henry taking me on a walk along Mumma's Cornfield.