Who is Simon Morrison?

I recently found a beautiful photograph, taken in the 1890s, of the farmstead of Simon Morrison on what is today Antietam Battlefield. This image is what that location looks like today. I would love to hear about anything related to this man who, until recently, was not even on my radar.

This, for me, is the most fun thing about historical research. I have walked past Morrison's place a million times. I have even read a bit about it. For some reason, though, it never caught my imagination. Then I found this very rare, very detailed look at his farm, taken over 100 years ago. Boom, I'm hooked. I feel a real connection, having the opportunity to look right back in time at his home. It is also exciting to know that once this photo goes in my book, it may allow other folks who have not seen this images, since it is unpublished, to have a similar experience.