A visit with O.T.'s grand-daughter

A few years back I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of O.T. Reilly's grand-daughter, Missy. She spent a lot of her childhood with 'Pop' Reilly and has a million great stories. Recently I drove past her home and saw that it was for sale. Fearing the worst, I called her son and found out that she is fine but has moved into assisted living. Phew.

I went to visit her today and want to let her many friends know that she is doing well. As often happens she is not all that clear on the present but still remembers her times with O.T. and recounted some of the old memories. We spoke about how marvelous it was that she grew up around this interesting man who would garden and sweep yet maintain a crisp white shirt.

If any of her friends wish to come along next time i go or wish to go on their own, please contact me directly and I can get you set up.