Just talk to me...

Speaking of postcards, last I spoke at the Franklin County Historical Society as a fill-in for a friend who was ill. The folks at the venue expected A/V but said I could only bring my presentation on a flash drive. Now, I have enough Antietam materials on my laptop to speak for days, but I did not want to spend four hours deciding what to show during a one-hour talk. Then it hit me.

A few years ago I put a bunch of my older Antietam postcards on a CD-ROM and called it Antietam Artifacts. I remember how excited I was a few days ago to find that old Burgan of Mountain View and decided to just go through the CD and talk about some of my old card, and the stories they tell.

Well, I think the evening was a success. I never use a script when I do talks and I enjoy it when I hear others talk extemporaneously. So my unsolicited advice to speakers who may be more interesting at the dinner before the talk than during the talk after the dinner (phew) ... when you get up there - just talk to me!