Diamond in the Dirt

Last week a buddy of mine called to say that he had bought a big box of postcards at auction and wanted to know if I was interested in seeing the lot before he put them for sale online. He assured me there was nothing exciting, but since that is usually what someone says before they pull out a great item we set a time to meet.

As we went through the stacks there were, true to his word, a lot of common postcards. But then it happened. Toward the bottom of the stack I saw a 'diamond in the dirt.' It was an old Martin Burgan postcard of the Mountain View Cemetery in Sharpsburg. I have a pretty good collection of Burgans and the few I have seen that I don't own I have at least scanned - except for this one. I have seen it in a book, in black and white, but never in the flesh, in color. It was a thrilling moment.

I asked my buddy if he was thinking of selling any of these cards. He informed me that he had brought the stack as a gift. Wow.