Troubleshooting Success!

I have been going crazy since I put up this site because some of the more advanced features have not been behaving themselves. The good news was that most of the features were on the admin side, so users would not know something was awry. Nonetheless, it was frustration to have things not work at the launch of a site. Those are the kins of problems that just get worse.

The main issue was that the AJAX menus were not working. I spoke to my hosting guys and they said that any Javascript issues would be client-side. So I spent some time making sure Javascript was working in my browsers. Finally I checked my logs and saw that a file named misc/cookie.js was not loading. Ahha! Anyway, the file was there, Drupal was juts not seeing it. So I went up on the boards and searched around for a solution. Someone recommended that I set Drupal to aggregate all of the Javascript files. Then the system would not be looking for the offending file. I did that and Viola! Everything is working fine. Life is good! What a great way to start the New Year!