A truly remarkable Antietam find!

This really blew me away. Probably the most important acquisition I made during the writing of my book, Rare Images of Antietam, was an album of photographs taken by a veteran of the battle named Solomon McFarland. He took many very rare images of Antietam Battlefield and I was lucky to find them right before I finished my book.

Well, I recently bought a group of Antietam stereoviews taken by B.W.T. Phreaner. They were on an online auction so I never really got a great look at them. I only knew that they were Antietam Phreaner stereoviews, and they are quite rare. So, imagine my surprise when they came in the mail and I looked on the back and I saw that they had belonged to Solomon McFarland himself! They even had a date, 1887, which will be a real help interpreting them.

Another cool thing is that the lot includes two stereoviews taken by Alexander Gardner of the Antieatm dead. When William Tipton wanted to re-publish those images he apparently was not able to find copies, so McFarland loaned him his. These may well be two that Tipton borrowed from McFarland.